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The Great Green Sea

Riccardo Marinello

Many years ago, during a meditation exercise, I had a vision:

a great green sea.

By green sea, I mean one of the many panoramas that can be seen in the summer from the hills of eastern Verona: instead of water, this sea was made of vineyards’ green leaves, which, combined together, formed a sort of big, thick, green spot.

For many years, I repeatedly saw this landscape when I closed my eyes. My teacher, named Pino, always told me that I had to thoroughly keep this view to myself, never to be shared, because it represented a personal aspiration of mine. Needless to say, if I had tried, in 2012, to explain to my family that when I closed my eyes I could see the “green sea”, they would have probably thought I was insane, called an ambulance and put me in a nice straitjacket.


So how come I got an aspiration?!?
We are never going to find a rational, thorough and logic answer to this question. With hindsight, it’s quite easy and fun to hear or repeat this tale as it was a fairy tale…

An aspiration cannot be explained through money or reasoning…

aspirations must just be lived.

This page does not aim to grab the attention of the reader or to teach something. My goal is not to compare myself with my colleagues and persuade the reader that I’m better or worse than others… I just want to explain that nothing is left to the case, and everything has meaning, always.

The world is perfect and stands perfectly balanced. If somewhere in the world there’s some harmony it’s not by chance but because there, in that place, someone gave more space to certain things than others… more space to harmony instead of envy or rage or other vile emotions.

Many years have passed since I started to see that image in my head and, in fact, I still see it. I am starting just today, though, to gather some fruit from the tree of aspirations. Every day I wake up, open the window, go down the stairs, open the warehouse, start the tractor and realize that I’m living in THE GREAT GREEN SEA.